In Progress! Let me know what other questions you have and I’ll add to the list!

About Functional Nutrition

  • What is Functional Medical Nutrition, and how is it different than Conventional Medicine?
  • I’m confused by all the recommendations – what SHOULD I eat?
  • About Labs: MRT and food sensitivities
  • About Labs: GI-MAP Stool Test
  • About Labs: CAR and Adrenal Health
  • About Labs: Micronutrient Profiles
  • About Labs: DUTCH Hormones and Organic Acid Tests

About Working with Me

  • What is a complimentary Discovery Call?
  • Why don’t you accept insurance?
  • What will it cost?
  • Do I have to take supplements?
  • Do I have to do tests? Can I just get some accountability coaching from you?

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