Empowered Healing Program

Know EXACTLY What to Eat to Feel Your Best, and Why!

Helping active people overcome chronic pain, arthritis, or GI issues
without a lifetime of restricted food lists or medication.

Start feeling better in as little as 10 days.

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Real Answers, Real Food, Real Results

Are you:

  • Frustrated with “what am I supposed to eat, REALLY?” and ready to follow an extremely personalized plan based on YOUR blood work?
  • Tired of your “safe” food list getting smaller and smaller, while you struggle to lose weight?
  • Frustrated with nagging symptoms of GI pain, bloat, “runners trots,” headaches and migraines, or chronic joint pain?
  • Looking for a cutting-edge, exclusive program to give you an edge in your training?

If you are ready to Reduce your Symptom Score by half, essentially doubling your quality of life, then let’s dive in!

The Empowered Healing Program

Set health habits, mindset focus, and habit formation. Build the foundations to set you up for sustained success, not a crash-diet.

Labs and tests to give you the ultimate individualized plan for your foods and supplements. Know exactly what your body needs!

Maintaining the changes for LIFE! Launch into your new vitality, and next level health.

The Empowered Healing Program can help you:

  • Soothe IBS, “runners trots”, heartburn, and other digestive issues without being stuck on Low FODMAPS.
  • Ease migraines, joint pain, and arthritis without drugs.
  • Improve energy and focus, hit new PRs.
  • Stop feeling afraid to eat due to pain.
  • Lose the bloat and lose weight.
  • Learn to reclaim your life, your confidence, and step into your full potential.

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Elite online nutrition and lifestyle coaching, lab test, and supplements for:

  • Inflammatory issues, food sensitivities, and immune health
  • Digestive issues: IBS, SIBO, Crohn’s disease, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, and more
  • Pain Issues: Migraines, joint pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis
  • Optimal Wellness: weight loss, improved energy, athletic performance

Your Empowered Healing Program

The Empowered Healing Program is a 90-day intensive program that focuses on resetting healthy habits and reframing your mindset for a sustainable lifestyle, while accelerating symptom relief through a personalized eating plan based on the Mediator Release Test (MRT) for food-induced inflammation (“healthy” foods your body doesn’t like!) It includes weekly in-depth lessons, personal coaching calls, and unlimited access to your coach for exclusive help and support.

1: PREPARE: Set the stage while waiting for lab results
*Getting started: Expectations, mindset, goal setting, tracking
*Mindset work: Rewiring your subconscious for success
*Meal planning, calories, macro nutrients, starting food lists
*Stress management: hunger hormones, cravings, cortisol, inflammation, and burn out  
2: PERSONALIZE: Now we have your lab results back, we devote 4-5 weeks to diving into YOUR personalized ImmunoCalm diet
*Your personalized MRT Food List.
*Understanding the lab results and applying to you
*Common mistakes in elimination diets
*A deep dive into root causes of WHY you have food sensitivities and inflammation
*Sleep quality and quantity goals
*Basic exercise plans and discuss movement patterns
*Determine a personalized supplement plan, and why QUALITY matters
3: LAUNCHBy this point, the average client has seen 10% body weight loss, and symptoms improve an average of 50%. Now it’s time to learn how to keep that progress and create a sustainable lifestyle.
*Explore if/how alcohol can be a part of a healthy life
*Expanding beyond the Food List: “Food Families” and untested foods
*Eating out, traveling, and being on-the-go
*Balancing “treat” meals and resetting after accidental flairs
*Digging deeper into digestive health: GI supplements, broths and collagen, additional labs
*Graduation! Putting it all together, how to reboot if needed, some favorite brand
recommendations, on-going support, and what to do next  

*This is the standard topic outline as they cover the most common strategies needed to begin rebalancing health. But it can be flexible based on a client’s individualized needs and questions.

Life is too short to feel alone on your health journey.
Get exclusive support with your dietitian and medical guide today.

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