8-Week Healthy Holiday Challenge

You are invited to the annual Healthy Holiday challenge that is kicking off November 5th. Early bird registration is now open! Get in early to take advantage of the discount!

The holidays are coming up and it can sometimes feel incredibly difficult to stay on track with your fitness goals and keep healthy habits in place. But we are here to help! During this 8-week challenge we will provide accountability, teamwork, structure and the tools you need to be successful.

You will receive:

  • Group Kick off Call
  • Meal plans and Recipes
  • Holiday food/drink ideas
  • Body weight workouts
  • Graph of your progress
  • Weekly group calls
  • Educational Videos
  • Access to the team page to help with accountability and support
  • Free Basic Supplement Package, and a
        Body Composition Monitor to keep!
    (value of over $375!)
  • 15% discount on any additional    supplements you may want

Ready to take back control?

Carb Cycling, Planned Treats

Kate C.

My change came while working to correct lower back pain and an excessive arch. I focused on body weight workouts ONLY, because heavy weights were too risky for me still. Pair that with carb cycling so that I could break carb/sugar cravings, and still enjoy an indulgent meal once a week, and life was good! I got back to my goal weight for the first time in ages, and have been able to keep it off with sustainable habits.

Body Composition Goals

Tyler R.

The changes I saw over 60 days were surprising and at times a bit frustrating until I understood my body composition. I found out just how important it was to know my actual fat vs muscle vs overall weight, in relation to my goals, and overall health and wellness. While my pants were looser, my weight kept going up and I did not understand why until I stepped on a Body Composition Scale. From there I could see that while I was losing water weight and fat, I was increasing muscle mass, and that was why I was heavier. It was exciting seeing the graph depicting my progress. By using a Body Composition Scale during the 8 weeks, I saw my body fat percentage drop from 27% down to 19.5%!

You can read additional benefits clients have seen working with Kate here; and personal testimonials here.

Ready to take control?

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