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The Gut Check: Chemicals, Cosmetics, Deodorant, oh my! Caring for our health through our skin with Massage Therapist, Angel Baker

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What you put on your skin matters – we absorb so much of what we put on our skin, and there are links to cancers, lymph issues, hormone imbalances, and more. The importance of this has really been driven home in the past few months as I’ve been doing an advanced intensive training in hormone health. 

And hormone balance is so, so, so important! Not just for women, though there do tend to be more risk for imbalance, because the female hormone cycles are so complex and intricate, from age to age, as well as month to month. But hormone imbalances have been found in numerous conditions such as various cancers, PCOS, endometriosis, preeclampsia, osteoporosis, PMS, and harsher perimenopausal symptoms. 

Environmental toxins, water pollution, pesticides, and more. Problems with plastics, BPA, perfumes and fragrances, detergents, shampoos, soaps, dry cleaning chemicals, and even bleached female hygiene products… 

So today’s podcast interview is with Angel Baker, who has been on her own learning journey about chemicals and safe skin care and cleaning products! She is a massage therapist who was appalled at what was being used on people by massage therapists, and over the years has cleaned up the products around her, created some of her own products, and teaches regular health tips in her newsletter, Thursday Thoughts. 

So listen in and learn more about what’s going on with the science and the body’s endocrine system, and more.  Check the show notes below for promocodes, and consider treating yourself, or getting a head start on holiday gifts!




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