Gutsy Gals Ep 10 – Back To Basics for Healthy Eating. Part 1

BACK TO BASICS: PART 1 with Gutsy Gals!

What IS “healthy eating” and what IS “inflammation”?

Let’s explore!

Andee and I go on a virtual tour of the grocery store to help start explaining what we mean by “healthy, whole foods” and pitfalls to watch for. We don’t hit all the aisles, but join us as we start with:

  • Whole foods vs “Edible Food-Like Substances”
  • Plate portioning
  • Produce and organics
  • Don’t our bodies detox themselves?
  • Meat, poultry, deli meat, and subgroups
  • Fat-free vs full-fat dairy and when to pick which
  • Saturated Fat and Coconut Oil
  • Fish and Mercury
  • Starches (whole grains, starchy veggies)
  • Gluten
  • Touch on Spices and OIls

And then we tie it in to how “inflammation” works for and against the body – why this matters, and why healthy eating matters!

Published by Kate Cline, RD

Registered Dietitian with a focus on Gut Health, Inflammation, and Functional Nutrition. Personal Trainer with a focus on corrective exercise. Yoga teacher, traveler, empowerment coach.

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